Money Saving Tips for Buying Office Supplies for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that there are certain costs that you can’t avoid. Hiring employees and the rent or mortgage payment for your office are things that usually come to mind when you think about running your business. Often times, people forget to budget for the smaller, but necessary, items such as office […]

What Does a Debt Collection Agency Do?

If you’re a business owner in a field that deals with debt collection often, it’s important to know what a debt collection agency does and the laws that govern debt collection.
What does a debt collection agency do?

A debt collection agency is a company that regularly collects debts owed to others. A vast majority of the […]

Get Money Faster with a Debt Collection Agency

If you’re a small business with limited staff, chances are you have so much to do and not enough time to do it all. From processing payroll to delegating tasks, just thinking about calling customers to ask for past due bills to be paid can be daunting. As an account ages, the chances of collecting […]

Group Savings Programs Can Help Your Business Save

Let’s face it: to grow your business, you need to promote it. To promote it, you need to spend money. Every business owner already knows this, but what they may not know is that they can promote their business more while cutting down on their spending. How? By using a group purchasing organization.
What is a […]

Office Depot and Windfall Partner to Launch Green Group Savings Program

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) South Florida Chapter has partnered with Office Depot, Inc., a leading global provider of office products, services, and solutions formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, and Windfall, Inc., a group purchasing organization, to create a first-of-its-kind Green Group Savings Program for members of the USGBC South Florida Chapter.

Windfall, […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Debt Collection Agency

In order to keep your business afloat, you must collect payment for the products or services you render. Unfortunately, not all customers are reliable. If you’re a business owner, you likely have very little time on your hands. You may not have the time to make frequent telephone calls or to write letters in an […]

5 Tips for Hiring a Debt Collection Agency

Sometimes the debt collection process is unavoidable. If you’re a small business with a limited staff, hiring a debt collection agency can save you time and will allow you to focus your resources on running your business. Typically, collection agencies get better results because they have the time to make sure everything is right and […]

3 Tips on Collecting Business Debt

As a business owner, there is nothing more disheartening and frustrating than when you provide a service or product to a customer only to have them not pay. Running a business costs you money and if you don’t collect on overdue invoices, you can quickly see your cash flow slow to a trickle. As tempting […]