How to Choose Your Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Travel rewards credit cards—you get advertisements for them all of the time, and not just from your bank, but from airlines, hotel companies, and cruise lines as well. Used wisely, these credit cards can be highly lucrative and earn you all kinds of rewards, from hotel perks and flight upgrades to free trips for you […]

Best New Business Travel Tools for Remote Workers

Freelance and remote workers are taking over the workforce. That’s not an exaggeration. They currently make up about 30% of the workforce, and it is estimated that by 2020 that number will reach 40%. This is good news for both remote workers and their employers—remote workers are both happier and more productive than those poor […]

5 Best Hotel Rewards Programs

You may have noticed that one of the top ways to save money on hotels is by joining a hotel rewards program. So, which one do you pick? The best hotel rewards program is something only you can decide depending on the hotels you like (luxury, budget, kid-friendly, etc.), the types of perks you prefer […]

7 Warning Signs Your Company is Spending Too Much on Travel

Despite the technologies making long-range communication and collaboration easier, business travel is steadily increasing. This year, the Global Business Travel Association expects U.S. business travel alone to surpass $292 billion, representing an almost 7% uptick over last year. The jump in spending is being driven largely by higher prices and additional spend-per-trip.

For many companies, travel—and […]

What Documents You Must Have on Your Cruise

You’ve booked a cruise, and now you’re wondering what you need to bring.  Besides the obvious items like a swimsuit, sunscreen and hat, there are several important documents you’ll need to bring with you on your cruise.  Here are three documents you must have on your cruise:
Cruise documents
A few weeks before your cruise, you’ll receive […]

Are Cruises Really Kid-Friendly?

If you’re a parent trying to plan a vacation, you may be wondering if a cruise is a kid-friendly option.  Cruises promise low-stress and big fun and provide a balance between family togetherness, kids-only time and adult-only time.  Cruises, which have plenty of activities to keep adults happy, are also great for kids.  Cruises allow […]