Top 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Their Payroll

A smooth-running payroll system is vital to the success of any small business.  Many business owners who elect to run payroll in-house don’t consider all of the difficulties associated with payroll processing.  Staff payment problems can lead to low morale, poor productivity and even a government audit.  Mistakes can cost you thousands of dollars in […]

A Startup’s Quick Guide to Your First New Hire

As a business owner, is there anything more nerve wrecking than hiring your first few employees? You’ve put your heart, soul, sweat, tears, and life savings into starting and keeping your new business running. You know you have the passion and drive it takes to do whatever needs to be done to succeed, but you […]

Should Your New Hire Be a W-2 or a 1099 Contract?

You started your business because you found a way to do what you love while making a profit. While naming, finding a logo, and a location may have seemed like the most difficult tasks you’d face, you learned that filing for and maintaining all the correct city, state, and federal required documentations is at times […]