Money Saving Tips for Buying Office Supplies for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that there are certain costs that you can’t avoid. Hiring employees and the rent or mortgage payment for your office are things that usually come to mind when you think about running your business. Often times, people forget to budget for the smaller, but necessary, items such as office […]

Office Organization & Personalization: Why It Matters

Major corporations like Google, Zappos, Pixar, and HubSpot already know that happy employees are the best employees. They invest countless dollars into providing perks that make life easier for their teams, but what if you don’t work for one of those companies? Or maybe you own your own business and WANT to operate like them but don’t have the […]

Choosing the Right Printer for Your Business

It’s no secret that as people become more and more digital, printers aren’t obsolete in the office setting. There will always be a need for documents to be printed for one reason or another. A great printer can help you save time and improve work efficiency, and there’s a variety of printers to fit different […]

Get Cash Back by Recycling Used Ink Cartridges

Chances are you go through a lot of ink cartridges at home or at your office. If you multiply this at the national level, it’s astounding to think about the number of empty ink and toner cartridges that end up in landfills every year. Recycling your used ink cartridges is a great way to save […]

7 Items You Didn’t Know You Can Buy With your Office Supplies

When was the last time you bought a yoga mat with your office supplies order? What about a cake stand? How about a crock pot? Chances are, the answer to all three is “never.” While office supply companies are most well-known for their pens, copy paper and sticky notes, there’s so much more that you […]

Create an Office That Keeps Employees Happy

When shopping for office supplies, it’s easy to remember to buy pens, notepads and staplers. But one thing people sometimes forget to buy is supplies for their employees. The most successful businesses know how important it is to keep their employees happy. Providing a fully stocked breakroom or kitchen in your office is one way […]

Office Depot and Windfall Partner to Launch Green Group Savings Program

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) South Florida Chapter has partnered with Office Depot, Inc., a leading global provider of office products, services, and solutions formed by the merger of Office Depot and OfficeMax, and Windfall, Inc., a group purchasing organization, to create a first-of-its-kind Green Group Savings Program for members of the USGBC South Florida Chapter.

Windfall, […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Ordering new furniture for your office can be both fun and overwhelming. Ordering office furniture is often trickier than buying office supplies because of how many factors there are to consider. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re giving your office a makeover, deciding what pieces of furniture to buy isn’t an easy task. Here […]

7 Must-Have Supplies for Your Classroom

Whether you’re a first-year teacher or you’ve been teaching for years, having the right supplies for your classroom is essential. Even though the school year is over, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll need for your classroom in the fall. When it comes to your classroom, the smallest details make the […]

7 Must-Have Supplies for Your Law Office

If you own a law office or you serve as an office manager, you know the importance of efficiency when running an office. Office supplies, no matter how big or how small, help increase efficiency and help keep the office organized. Attorneys and office managers are always looking for the best furniture, equipment and supplies […]