5 Myths and Misconceptions About Mobile Credit Card Processing

As a business owner, it’s important to educate yourself and learn the truths surrounding mobile credit card processing. Donna Marks, President and CEO of Windfall, Inc., discusses the five of the most common myths and misconceptions about mobile credit card processing and the realities behind them in 5 Myths and Misconceptions About Mobile Credit Card […]

Why Your Small Business Should Offer Apple Pay

In October 2014, Apple announced Apple Pay – a way for customers to pay at stores using their iPhone. Upon its initial release, many larger corporations such as McDonald’s, Nike, Panera Bread, Walgreens and Whole Foods were ready to support Apple Pay, but over the past several months, many small businesses have started to adopt […]

3 Credit Card Processing Tips for Small Businesses

Credit card processing is quickly becoming essential for small businesses. As more and more customers are beginning to rely on debit and credit cards to make purchases, it’s important that your business is ready to accept cards. Many consumers have switched almost entirely to making payments with credit cards, and they may only carry around […]

What is the Cost of Not Offering Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing seems simple enough: get a merchant account, set up your point-of-sale system and start accepting credit cards. But for many small businesses – especially mom-and-pop shops, one-person businesses and home-based sellers – the decision to accept credit cards is often more difficult. When you’re a small business owner, you’re not bringing in […]

Save on Credit Card Processing Fees

For businesses to be successful in today’s electronic age, it’s necessary to accept credit card payments. Unlike cash, credit card payments cut into the profitability of a sale. This often leaves businesses wondering what they can do to keep their fees as low as possible. It’s not practical to only accept cash, but there are […]

How to Reap Savings on Credit Card Processing Fees

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to accept credit cards in today’s marketplace. Although credit card processing fees are the cost of doing business, they can add up quickly. Credit card processing fees are levied on each credit card sale you make and can vary month-to-month depending on your sales […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Signing Up with Credit Card Processors

You’ve opened your business, set up your local office, ordered all your office supplies, found vendors for your products, hired a great team to help you succeed, and are about to launch the best e-commerce site you’ve ever seen…it’s okay, you’re allowed to be biased. With your newly minted operation just steps away from being […]