How to Avoid Getting Declined for a Merchant Account

Looking for a merchant service account can be intimating, especially if it’s your first time doing so. With terms, contracts, fees, and lingo you’ve never heard before, it can be difficult to understand exactly what’s going on. Once you’ve read our Small Business Owner’s Guide to Merchant Accounts, you have a better understanding of how it […]

3 Questions to Ask Before Signing Up with Credit Card Processors

You’ve opened your business, set up your local office, ordered all your office supplies, found vendors for your products, hired a great team to help you succeed, and are about to launch the best e-commerce site you’ve ever seen…it’s okay, you’re allowed to be biased. With your newly minted operation just steps away from being […]

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Merchant Accounts

Think about the last purchase you made, now the one before that. What did you use to make your payment? Chances are if you’re like the majority of consumers, you used either your credit or debit card. Now, consider your customers. The vast majority of your customers and prospects will pay for their purchases both […]