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Credit Card Security Risks Your Business Should Know About

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably learned by now that accepting credit card payments isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. People rarely carry cash these days, and not accepting credit cards can have a negative impact on your business. Choosing to accept credit card payments means that you expose yourself to possible […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Promotional Products

It’s no secret that promotional products can be a highly effective addition to your existing marketing strategy. When used correctly, promotional products have the ability to increase brand awareness and keep you in front of your prospects for when they plan to use your products or service. Unlike more expensive forms of marketing and advertising, […]

Why Your Employees Need a Space to Relax

When you think about the smell of fresh coffee brewing, beanbag chairs and video games, you probably imagine being in your living room on the weekend. But what if these amenities were in your office? When you think about work, you typically don’t think about fun and relaxation, but more and more companies are investing […]

What is the Cost of Not Offering Credit Card Processing?

Credit card processing seems simple enough: get a merchant account, set up your point-of-sale system and start accepting credit cards. But for many small businesses – especially mom-and-pop shops, one-person businesses and home-based sellers – the decision to accept credit cards is often more difficult. When you’re a small business owner, you’re not bringing in […]

Promotional Products: Why They Work

Look on your desk or inside your desk drawers. Do you have a pen with a logo printed on it? How about a mouse pad, microfiber cloth, sticky notes or a t-shirt? Promotional products are everywhere, and we usually have at least one within easy reach. Although many business owners have reservations to using promotional […]

Money Saving Tips for Buying Office Supplies for Your Business

As a business owner, you know that there are certain costs that you can’t avoid. Hiring employees and the rent or mortgage payment for your office are things that usually come to mind when you think about running your business. Often times, people forget to budget for the smaller, but necessary, items such as office […]

Are Promotional Products Worth the Investment?

As a business owner, you may be hesitant to buy promotional products – and you’re not alone. You may have this reservation for a variety of reasons, whether due to price or uncertainty that the products you buy will make a difference in your overall marketing strategy. However, many businesses don’t realize that promotional products […]

How Outsourcing Your Payroll Can Benefit Your Business

If you own a small business, you know how stressful and overwhelming it is to make sure that everything is getting done. With all of the other responsibilities you have to take care of, handling payroll can quickly turn into a headache. This is why many small to midsized businesses often outsource their payroll services […]

What is LTL Shipping?

The term “LTL shipping” is a commonly used term in the world of freight shipping. For people who don’t ship products often or who are new to shipping for their business, the term “LTL shipping” can be a little obscure. LTL, which stands for “less than truckload”, refers to a freight shipment that doesn’t fill […]

What Does a Debt Collection Agency Do?

If you’re a business owner in a field that deals with debt collection often, it’s important to know what a debt collection agency does and the laws that govern debt collection.
What does a debt collection agency do?

A debt collection agency is a company that regularly collects debts owed to others. A vast majority of the […]