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8 Things Debt Collectors Cannot Do

As a business owner, it’s important that you get paid by your clients. Even though money isn’t everything, it’s essential in helping you run your business. But what happens if your clients don’t pay on time? What happens if days, weeks and even months go by and clients still haven’t paid their bills? As a business owner, […]

5 Fun and Unique Promotional Products Your Competitor Isn’t Using

Advertising is one of the hardest and most-time consuming activities a business can undertake. It’s also one of the most beneficial. Businesses of all sizes are often hesitant to spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign because there’s no guarantee of success. In those situations, businesses find themselves turning to other forms of advertising […]

Creating an Office Space That Works for Everyone

The technology industry is often at the forefront of office design trends today, but creative industries such as marketing and advertising aren’t far behind. The collaborative, open workspace trend is booming, and all different types of businesses are beginning to adopt this trend. The open office layout increases collaboration and conversation while giving employees the […]

Top 4 Office Design Trends

Driven by today’s changing work styles, mobile technology and the ever-growing presence of Millenials, the workplace is changing – mostly for the better. In the past decade, companies have moved away from traditional offices to more open and collaborative workspaces.

In 2010, Baby Boomers made up half of the U.S. workforce. By 2020, they will be […]

6 Cool Promotional Products to Give Your Clients for the Holidays

The holidays are often seen as a time of gift-giving. With holiday season in full swing, you may want to give your clients a gift as a way of saying “thanks for doing business with us.” Sending a holiday gift to a client is a great way to get your brand remembered and to show […]

3 Tips For Operating A Micro Business From Your Home

You’ve always had that knack for making jewelry, sewing one-of-a-kind creations and love to see your original pieces worn by people around the world. With sites like Etsy and eBay, your business can come to fruition and worldwide recognition and success is possible. With operating your micro business from your home, there are some things […]

What is a Merchant Account?

With a majority of consumers owning and using credit cards, it’s more important than ever that your business accepts credit card payments. Businesses that accept credit card payments are more likely to produce higher sales and have extra opportunities to up-sell to customers. If you’re a business owner, you probably already know why accepting credit […]

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Employee Stress

As a business owner, you’re used to dealing with high stress levels, but the same can’t be said for your employees. Although your employees aren’t dealing with the same stress as you are, they still deal with stress on a daily basis. When your employees’ stress builds up, your team will become less productive and […]

The Dangers of a Messy Desk: 4 Tips for Keeping Your Desk More Organized

Is the surface of your desk hidden under a pile of papers? Is your computer monitor framed with layers of sticky notes? Do you have trouble remembering where you put that important website proposal? If so, you’re not alone. However, it’s important to realize that a messy desk is impacting your work life more than […]

Collection Agency vs. Collection Attorney: Which Should You Choose?

As a business owner, you’re ultimately responsible for managing the money coming into your company. If you’re in a field where you’re unable to collect payment in full, when the product or service is rendered, you likely have experience with clients not paying their bills on time. When a client doesn’t pay on time, you […]