ecofriendlyofficeIt takes a lot of supplies to run a company. Computers, desks, printers, papers, pen, staples, pen, and things you may not even think of. As an eco-conscious business you do your best to reduce the impact that your business has on the environment. You promote emailing documents as opposed to faxing, you make sure lights that are not being used are turned off, and strive to keep printing at a minimum. Even with all your efforts, chances are you will need to use at least some supplies in your day-to-day operations. By using eco-friendly office supplies, you to get the job done, just greener! Here are four of our favorite eco-friendly office supplies:

Paper Products

Even paperless offices find themselves needing to use paper products at some point in time. By using recycled manila folders, recycled desk calendars, eco-friendly facial tissue and even recycled boxes for storage or shipping, you can easily reduce waste both for your operations and when the time comes for the paper to be disposed of.

Cleaning Supplies

Even if you hire an outside company to keep your office clean, you and your staff find yourself using cleaning products to wipe up small spills and during other miscellaneous cleanings throughout the day. Fill your bathrooms, break rooms, kitchens, and stock rooms with cleaners that are certified to be low or free in harsh chemicals. Greener brands create everything from foaming hand soap, window spray, and general all-purpose spray. Couple these supplies with paper towels made from recycled material and you’ve just reduced your company’s eco-impact.

Promotional Products

If you’ve taken the stand to become a more eco-friendly business, you can safely bet that your customers are doing the same thing. Show them that you care about the environment by giving them promotional products that speak that language. Here are some of our personal favorites:

  •       Colorful Koozies
  •       Fountain Drink Tumblers with your brand
  •       Branded Cotton Shopping Totes
  •       Cubed Sticky Notes

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