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Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Cloud

Search for “the cloud” in any search engine and you’ll quickly be led to believe that you have something to be afraid of when it comes to storing your files in the cloud. With major security breaches constantly gracing the news, it might be hard to believe that the cloud is actually secure. Many small […]

5 Ways You Can Use the Cloud in Your Business

“The cloud” is one of the biggest buzzwords of the year, but there’s still much confusion as to what the cloud is, it’s benefits and how it can be used in a business environment. While cloud computing may seem like a new technology, the truth is that we’ve been using it for years in one […]

What to Look for in an Online Data Storage Service

If you’re like most people, you probably have tons of digital files on your computer.  Whether it’s photographs, images of receipts or tax documents, your computer is filled with all of your personal or business files.  The days of storing your files on your computer or on a disk are over.  The world is shifting […]

What Exactly is Cloud Storage, Anyway?

It seems like the world of technology has a language all its own. If it’s not a recognized language, it should be! Wifi, smartphone, SIM card, hotspot, Siri, voice-to-text – it can be hard to keep up on what each new term means and what benefit it has to your life. You’ve heard your friends, […]

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