4 Things Your Business Should Store in the Cloud

The cloud isn’t new, but it’s certainly grown in popularity over the past several years. Businesses and individuals are using the cloud in many different ways, but there’s still some confusion about how the cloud should be used. Some argue that cloud storage is the path to cost savings and better business performance and that […]

4 Things Your Business Shouldn’t Store in the Cloud

The cloud has surged in popularity over the past several years, and it’s often touted as a great place to store all of your business files and personal documents. And while the cloud is a great place to store most things, there are still some types of documents that shouldn’t be stored in the cloud.

Storing sensitive data […]

Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to the Cloud

The technology industry is always changing, and the computer you bought yesterday will probably be replaced by a newer model in the next couple of months. The world of cloud computing is no different, and cloud service providers are constantly adding new features and services to their lineup. Cloud computing is quickly changing the way […]

4 Things to Consider Before Moving Your Business to the Cloud

The cloud isn’t new, but it’s rapidly growing in popularity. It’s not uncommon for small business owners to hear about the benefits of the cloud, find the best cloud service provider and quickly make the switch. The cloud has many benefits, and it’s definitely something that can help out small businesses. By outsourcing your IT […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Photo Storage in the Cloud

We’re currently in the middle of a technological transition. People are moving away from storing their photos and videos on their computer’s hard drive, to storing their photos in the cloud. Storing your photos in the cloud is much safer than storing them on your computer’s hard drive. For one, hard drives routinely crash, meaning you […]

Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be Afraid of the Cloud

Search for “the cloud” in any search engine and you’ll quickly be led to believe that you have something to be afraid of when it comes to storing your files in the cloud. With major security breaches constantly gracing the news, it might be hard to believe that the cloud is actually secure. Many small […]

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing has evolved in the past several years, and new models and vendors are popping up every month. In the past, switching to the cloud meant getting rid of your entire in-house IT infrastructure and letting someone manage your IT off-site. Although this is still a very common solution for businesses, there’s another option […]

Choosing the Right Cloud Storage Provider for Your Business

Moving your business operations, such as email and document storage, to the cloud can help cut costs, streamline your workflow and eliminate the need for in-house IT staff and hardware. The cloud also makes it easier for employees to work remotely or on the go while still being able to access information and collaborate online.

Although […]

The Cloud is Changing the Way We do Business

What is the first thing you do in the morning when you get to work? For many people, they login to their email account, send a message through their online project management system and then they turn up the music on Pandora or Spotify. Before even starting on project work, you have already accessed the […]

External Hard Drives vs. The Cloud: Which is Better?

You’re looking for a place to store the files from your computer, but you’re torn between using an external hard drive and the cloud. You know all about the cloud, and the company you work for uses it to store all of their business files. However, you’ve been using an external hard drive for years […]

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