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Offer free, value-added benefits to your association members… Windfall does all the work!

Windfall membership is absolutely FREE for your association and your members, and it’s an easy way to help members save money on the products and services they already use.

Increase Association Benefits and Value

At Windfall, we know that every association has different needs and interests. We’ve been tailoring group savings solutions for associations and organizations of all sizes and from all sectors for more than 15 years. Tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll create a Windfall program to match your group.

Tailored Savings for Your Association

Beyond saving your members money, Windfall increases the value of your association benefits and helps you grow and keep members, often improving member retention up to 4x. The key to success is our “Ripple Effect” marketing.

Turnkey and Customized

For a seamless presentation, Windfall will private-label and customize your Windfall program, so that it is presented directly from the association as a value-added benefit to members and prospective members.

Windfall is the easy way to bring new and unexpected benefits to your association members, and with the negotiating power of more than 200,000 members nationwide, Windfall can offer outstanding money-saving discounts from brand name suppliers, including Office Depot – up to 80% off great everyday products like paper, toner, and binders – FedEx, ADP, USPAY, 4imprint, EarthLink and more.

Best of all, Windfall is simple to use, and it’s FREE to your association and your members. No fees, no obligations.

Windfall negotiates powerful group discounts on products and services that businesses use every day.

We connect our members to great savings from preferred suppliers.

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All Marketing Included

The “Ripple Marketing” campaign includes a customized web page for members with details of your association’s Windfall program and easy steps to register.

The program also includes custom, co-branded marketing materials. Windfall features your association name and logo on monthly email announcements, web pages, mailings, and promotions, all ready to pass along or drop into your existing member communications:

  • Tailored online information and one-step registration exclusive to your members
  • Personalized Welcome Kits and gift sent to every registered member
  • Monthly emails with special savings selections
  • Helpful links and info to add to your members’ benefits page and member communications
  • Friendly Customer Care phone support

It’s our free, personalized turn-key marketing campaign that keeps your members informed of the exciting savings benefits they get with their membership.

You can start with a complete Windfall program package with savings from all our suppliers that fit your association needs. Or, you can choose to introduce a new supplier offer on a regular basis. This option is a great way to keep your association’s Windfall benefits in front of your members. The “Ripple Marketing” campaign will bring them something new and exciting on a monthly or quarterly schedule.

Private Label Premium Service

With this specialty service, we package all your Windfall benefits under your association name only. But our association team still manages all the details for you behind the scenes.

The process and benefits of registering are simple: 

  • Submit your information
  • Get immediate access to your personal Savings Center
  • Register for unbeatable discounts with the suppliers of your choice

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